Icing on top!

Popping pimples can be a habit that’s hard to break. We get it, after all we are esthetician’s that love to clear the skin and that process involves extracting pimples correctly. However, when it comes to your skin we want to reduce all chances of scarring.

Self extractions commonly cause scarring, so let us help you out! A very easy acne hack is located right in your freezer. Grab an ice cube and massage it on those pesky pimples to relieve the pain and pressure all while reducing inflammation and reducing the chances of scarring. Slightly lean over your sink and massage the ice cube over all pimples. Best practice is to ice morning and night….go ahead try it….it feels amazing! When you reduce inflammation, you reduce the chance of acne scarring. Massaging ice onto your skin supports the healing process and help reduce PIH, or Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, from occurring. It's also the perfect habit swap for those tempted to pop pimples.

This hack is for inflamed acne = red, swollen bumps that contain pus. Have inflamed acne? Try the Soothing Starter Set.

Non-inflamed acne = blackheads, whiteheads & bumpy texture. Try the Smoothing Starter Set.

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