Skin Soothing Skincare Starter Set
Skin Soothing Skincare Starter Set

Skin Soothing Skincare Starter Set

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Trying to clear up your acne, but can’t seem to find anything that works? Fight pimples fast with our Skin Soothing Starter Set formulated to help you achieve the radiant and clear complexion you deserve, without sacrificing hydration.

To clear up inflamed and painful pimples, the key is to target the underlying inflammation first to reduce overall scarring. Our treatments use gentle exfoliation, optimized hydration, and anti-inflammatory ingredients to treat acne without causing irritation.

Powered by benzoyl peroxide, our Acne Treatment works by reducing sensitivity, fighting bacteria, and eliminating inflammation, which helps clear up painful pimples quickly. We’ve also included our best-selling Mandelic Serum in the set that’s formulated with an acne-flighting combination of mandelic acid, lactic acid, and a form of Vitamin B3, to gently exfoliate, reduce pigmentation, and smooth uneven skin texture from pimples.

To ensure maximum effectiveness and hydration, we’ve paired these acne-fighting treatments with our Hydrator Serum to support the integrity of your skin as your pimples clear up. It works its magic by locking in hydration and supporting gentle exfoliation to prevent irritation and inflammation of your skin.

Order the set to save 10% (retail for these products individually is $110) and score FREE shipping.

Directions: Cleanse skin. Apply the Hydrator Serum, followed by the Mandelic Acid Serum in the morning or the Acne Treatment in the evening, and then seal it with the Hydrator Serum again.

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