Product Focus: Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a hero ingredient for nearly everyone. Who doesn’t want to reduce aging and create a smoother complexion? Vitamin A is great for anti-aging as it stimulates collagen production which in turn reduces fine lines and wrinkles through cellular turnover (exfoliation).

For those who struggle with uneven skin texture….you need this! When you get that “bumpy” texture on your skin increasing the cellular turnover (exfoliation) will lead to smoother skin and balance out the oil production and soothe inflammation.

Formula + delivery is everything! A product must be formulated and created to be able to penetrate the skin layers and cells to create change in the skin. We have created just that for you through our meticulously engineered delivery system providing you the optimal absorption leading you to the desired results of smoother, plumper skin.

You may have tried a Vitamin A product before and experienced dry, flaky, irritated skin. This  isn’t like that! Our Vitamin A ensures a seamless journey, sidestepping irritation, dryness, or unwanted breakouts that might normally arise when introducing a Vitamin A to your routine. Our unique formulation is a harmonious fusion of innovation and care, promoting a gentle yet effective cell turnover that unveils a brighter and smoother complexion.

You must be thinking how and where can I add this into my regime? At night is the perfect time. We recommend starting with every other night, after hydrating (we recommend the Hydrator Serum). When your skin is hydrated it can accept products evenly, providing you with optimum results. Then apply approximately 3-4 drops directly onto your forehead, cheeks, neck and chest. Make sure not to touch your skin with the dropper as we don’t want to contaminate the product. After a month assess your skin. Look at the texture of your skin. Is it smoother or still bumpy? Slowly add an additional night if your skin needs more smoothing.

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Have a hard time knowing what routine is best for you? We’ve got your back. Text a picture of your skin to (833) 416-3593 and our estheticians will be sure to help!

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