Discover the power of a super-charged hydration routine to combat stubborn dry skin, without causing acne.

Not all products are created equal— especially when it comes to your skin. Different textures mean different benefits and time of application. From serums to oils and creams, here is our recommendation for maximum hydration without breakouts.

What Different Textures Mean 

Over It! serums deliver superior hydration and concentrated vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to your skin. Because of their ability to penetrate cells, they absorb easily into the skin, giving you a good foundation for the rest of your skincare routine.

If you love to use an oil do you know when to use it? After serums, it's time to use an oil-based product for serious moisture. For acne-prone skin, it's incredibly important to choose the right oil in order to avoid causing more pimples to form.

TEXT US to find out if your oil is supporting clear skin at (833) 416-3593. Simply provide us the full ingredient list (found on the back of the bottle, the box or online).

Next, apply a cream product to seal in the oil and function as a barrier to combat natural moisture loss throughout the day. Don't forget to seal your skin with that oh-so-powerful punch of SPF 50!

For maximum results:
1. Apply a serum, like our Hydration Serum, Mandelic Serum, or Vitamin A Serum.
2. Follow with oil for deep moisturization. TEXT US @ 833-416-3593 to confirm your oil is supporting clear skin.
3. Seal with a cream, like our Repairing Moisturizer or Oxygen Moisturizer to lock in moisture.
4. Complete with SPF 50 in the morning for ultimate UV protection.

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