What’s your summer plan to keep your skin clear?

Some will say the sun. I get it. That is how I would clear my acne up every summer. That was the only answer I knew. Now, that I’m in my 40’s I’m paying for it. I have lots of brown spots on my face, back and chest and wish I had a better answer before I became an esthetician many years later. During the summer when you are experiencing more sun exposure it is extremely important to maintain your routine and make sure your skin is getting plenty of water hydration by using the Hydrator Serum.  Using the hydrating serum keeps your skin hydrated which will be the first line of defense against sun damage and keeping your skin clear. The next crucial line of protection is SPF. You might be thinking…NO - SPF's break me out.  Well, you are spot on. So many SPF products contain comedogenic ingredients even when they claim they don’t. We have your answer…a mineral (best protection) SPF that won’t break you out! 

What is the secret code to knowing about SPF ratings? The secret is reapplication. Here is our formula….if you go out in the sun without SPF how long will it take you to get a sun burn? For me….it’s 10 minutes. Our SPF is a 50, so I take 50 (Over It! SPF value) multiply by 10 (the minutes it takes me to burn) and that would equal 500 minutes. Every 500 minutes (8 hours) I would need to reapply. Then take into account what activity am I doing? Just a normal day in the office - one application is perfect for me for the day. If I’m going to go and do a water activity or sweating I need to be reapplying often. 

SPF rating + minutes it takes to burn + activity level = reapplication.

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