We've leveled up the Hydrator Serum!

Hydration is essential for everyone’s skin care routine. It’s why our Hydrator Serum is such a dream for acne-prone skin, delivering critical hydration via hyaluronic acid and glycerin without aggravating breakouts. We’ve up-leveled this powerhouse serum with 10% Niacinamide (vitamin B3) and Zinc PCA to reduce discoloration, cool and soothe.

Serums are a powerhouse for improving skin tone.

How? Because of their molecular structure, serums are able to penetrate cells to deliver superior hydration, concentrated vitamins, minerals and nutrients like no other.

Niacinamide reduces inflammation and redness

Niacinamide works to reduce the appearance of uneven or dull skin tone and helps the skin tone appear even, glowing and bright. When struggling with acne you may experience PIH (Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation) after your pimples are gone. Your skin has over produced melanin due to the inflammation. Niacinimide will help alleviate this temporary discoloration in the skin.

  • Keeps skin firm and healthy (great for healthy aging skin)
  • Helps the lipid barrier which in turn helps your skin retain moisture levels.
  • Reduces inflammation and redness (great for acne-prone and rosacea skin)
  • Regulates oil
  • Helps protect from harmful UV rays.
  • Evens out skin tone and lightens hyperpigmentation.
  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles (great to use around eyes)
  • Helps fight against environmental stress of pollution and toxins.

Zinc PCA and aloe vera soothe stressed skin

Zinc PCA and aloe vera help to soothe and cool acne-prone skin and regulate oil and shine.

Pair with an active to deliver a powerful punch to acne

When you are using an “active” product on your skin: Mandelic Serum, Acne Treatment or Vitamin A Serum you want hydration to be as high as possible to support the efficacy of the “active” product. Proper hydration supports the skin barrier leading to less irritation and greater results. Apply 1-2 pumps all over the face and neck before your “active” product. If you are not using an “active” product use this under your moisturizer to increase your hydration and protection.

Reduce pore size

Let’s get real…..many of us are looking to reduce pore size. Here is the secret….exfoliation and hydration. It is truly that simple. Our pores aren’t a muscle, so they are not able to contract, however if your skin is dry your pores will appear larger. We love our Mandelic Serum and Vitamin A Serum as amazing exfoliants. This paired with the Hydrator Serum will reduce the appearance of your pores!

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Or, try one of these full routines to experience the full benefits of Over It! Skincare for Acne-Prone skin.

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