About Us

Danielle, co-founder of Over It! Skincare, spent 22 years in the skincare industry, where acne has traditionally been treated one way. She found a solution that worked differently and spent 15 years perfecting a program by treating clients and seeing positive results. 

It was a tough time for everyone during the pandemic. Businesses were struggling, people were struggling, and it seemed like there was no end in sight. For Danielle, this was especially difficult. With the pandemic, it became impossible to serve clients in person. 

Danielle had spent years helping clients who now were on their own.

She didn’t give up. She knew that the skincare products were effective and that they could provide relief to people who were struggling with acne. She decided to pivot and focus on making the program more accessible. Over It! Skincare launched online to reach more people than ever before and help them to get clear. 

Our approach to skincare makes all the difference.

We've developed a system to gently exfoliate, hydrate, and actively treat acne. In addition to products that treat the symptoms of acne, we take a whole-view approach that considers lifestyle, diet and daily habits through chat, email, and text. Today, Over It! skincare is helping those who have tried everything else to clear their acne find relief and get their confidence back.