Skin Smoothing Starter Set
Skin Smoothing Starter Set

Skin Smoothing Starter Set

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Looking for a skincare routine that will smooth bumps and reduce uneven texture once and for all? Our Skin Smoothing Starter Set is here to help!

For those battling non-inflamed acne, like bumps, clogged pores, and uneven texture, finding a routine that smooths your skin without sacrificing hydration can be frustrating. Clogged pores form as a result of trapped dead skin cells and oil underneath your skin’s surface, and unfortunately, scrubbing isn’t powerful enough to erase them.

We’ve included two of our best-selling, acne-fighting serums to treat these stubborn bumps and get your skin looking smooth in no time. Our Mandelic Acid Serum formulated with AHAs works its magic to gently exfoliate, reduce pigmentation, and smooth uneven texture, while the Vitamin A Serum is specially formulated to drastically enhance the absorption of vitamin A to the cellular level which exfoliates your skin— making it smoother, clearer, and even more hydrated.

Our easy 4-step routine is all it takes to fight these stubborn bumps while reducing irritation and dryness along the way. It begins with our Gentle Cleanser to wash away makeup and debris without sacrificing hydration. Then, apply our Hydrator Serum formulated with hyaluronic acid to restore your skin’s moisture balance and prep it for targeted treatment. Next, alternate each day between our Mandelic Serum and Vitamin A Serum. Then finally, seal everything in with another layer of Hydrator Serum to lock in moisture and support the exfoliation process.

Achieve the smooth and radiant complexion you deserve in just 90 days, guaranteed.

Order the set to save 10% (retail for these products individually is $140) and score FREE shipping.


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