A Reminder to Stay Hydrated

During the winter drinking water isn't second nature for many, however we need the moisture even more. Your skin has exactly the same needs. The primary culprits of dehydration in the skin are the weather (cold, wind, sun, outdoor sports) and your environment (dry heat from your home and car, dry saunas, hot showers, etc.). To keep your skin clear or to achieve clear skin, hydration (water intake and topical hydration with Hydrator) is crucial for everyone.

Our Hydrator contains humectants like the well-known rock star.... Hylauronic acid (this is a humectant that draws in water from the environment and can hold up to 1000x its weight in water). If you are feeling dry and working to get clear we like to suggest the sandwich approach; where hydrator is the outer 'bread' and acne treatment or serum is in between. This method of hydration, treatment, hydration helps you to keep consistent with your acne treatment even when you're feeling dry. And consistency is the secret to getting (and staying) clear!

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