Sunburns Aren't Cool

Say goodbye to sunburns, breakouts, and traditional sunscreens with our Mineral SPF! ☀️

Our lightweight and hydrating broad-spectrum SPF formula fights off UV rays with minerals that are non-toxic and anti-inflammatory. Acting as a barrier between your complexion and the sun, it reflects harmful UV rays away from you rather than allowing them to absorb into your skin, like traditional carbon-based sunscreens. Because of this, our mineral SPF is designed to be safe and effective for even the most sensitive skin, like those battling breakouts, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, or vitiligo.

SPF ratings can be very misleading. SPF 50 is currently the highest rating that actually exists using mineral ingredients! The real key is reapplication. Don’t let a high SPF number and marketing gimmicks give you a false sense of security! Reapply frequently and wear other forms of sun protection to prevent sunburns and sun damage this summer.

Skin protection is important, even on cloudy days! Wearing SPF is essential as clouds can reflect UV rays onto the skin. Just as we get a reflection of UV rays from water and snow, we also get it through clouds. Sun protection is essential to happy, healthy, beautiful skin even in the rain.


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